Book, and mini-reviews / conference proceedings


• Michael Aizenman, Simone Warzel "Random Operators: Disorder Effects on Quantum Spectra and Dynamics",  Graduate Studies in Mathematics, vol. 168 (Amer. Math. Soc.  2015).  

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Mini-reviews / conference proceedings

  • M. Aizenman, S. Warzel,"Disorder-induced delocalization on tree graphs".
    n Proceedings QMATH11 (Hradec Kralove 2010). P. Exner (ed.). (World Scientific, 2011.)
  • M. Aizenman, S. Warzel,"Complete Dynamical Localization in Disordered Quantum Multi- Particle Systems". In Proc. XVI Int. Cong. Math. Phys. (Prague 2009). P. Exner (ed.). (World Scientific, 2010.)
  • M. Aizenman, "Perspectives in Statistical Mechanics". In Spectral Theory and Mathematical Physics: A Festschrift in Honor of Barry Simon's 60th Birthday, F. Gesztesy, P. Deift, C. Galvez, P. Perry, W. Schlag (eds.)  Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, vol. 76.1 (AMS, 2007).
  • M. Aizenman, R. Sims and S. L. Starr, "Mean-Field Spin Glass models from the Cavity - ROSt Perspective". In Prospects in Mathematical Physics (Proceedings `Young Res. Symp.'). J.C. Mourao, J.P. Nunes, R. Picken, and J-C Zambrini (eds.) AMS Contemporary Mathematics Series, vol. 437 (AMS, 2007).
  • M. Aizenman, R. Sims and S. Warzel, "Fluctuation Based Proof of the Stability of AC Spectra of Random Operators on Tree Graphs". In Quantum Graphs and Their Applications, (Proceedings AMS-IMA-SIAM Joint Res. Conf., Snowbird 2005). G. Berkolaiko, R. Carlson, S.A. Fulling, and P. Kuchment (eds.).
    AMS Contemporary Mathematics Series, vol. 415 (AMS, 2006).

  • M. Aizenman, E.H. Lieb, R. Seiringer, J.P. Solovej, and J. Yngvason, "Bose-Einstein Condensation as a Quantum Phase Transition in an Optical Lattice", in Mathematical Physics of Quantum Mechanics (Proceedings QMath9, Giens 2004) . Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 690, J. Asch and A. Joye (eds.), (Springer, 2006).
  • M. Aizenman, A. Elgart, S. Naboko, J.H. Schenker, G. Stolz, "Fractional Moment Methods for Anderson Localization in the Continuum", Proceedings, 14th Int. Cong. Math. Phys. (Lisbon 2003), J.-C. Zambrini (ed.), (World Scientific, 2006).
  • M. Aizenman, "Scaling Limit for the Incipient Spanning Clusters". In Mathematics of Multiscale Materials. Editors: K.M. Golden, G.R. Grimmett, R.D. James, and P.N. Sen, The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications (Springer, 1998.).
  • M. Aizenman, "The Geometry of Critical Percolation and Conformal Invariance". In: Proceedings STATPHYS19 (Xiamen 1995), H. Bai-lin (ed.), World Scientific 1995.
  • M. Aizenman, A. Klein, C.M. Newman, "Percolation Methods for Disordered Quantum Ising Models". In: Phase Transitions: Mathematics, Physics, Biology ... R. Kotecky (ed.), World Scientific (Singapore, 1993).
  • M. Aizenman, "General Results in Percolation Theory". In: Proceedings of the Taniguchi Workshop and Symposium on Probabilistic Methods in Mathematical Physics, Katata and Kyoto 1985, N. Ikeda, (ed.). (Academic Press, 1987).
  • M. Aizenman, "Rigorous Studies of Critical Behavior II". In: Statistical Physics and Dynamical Systems, Rigorous Results, J. Fritz, A. Jaffe and D. Szäsz, (eds.). Birkhäuser, (Boston-Basel-Stuttgart, 1985).
  • M. Aizenman, "Rigorous Studies of Critical Behavior". In: Applications of Field Theory in Statistical Mechanics (Proceedings Sitges 1984), L. Garrido (ed.). Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Physics 1985.
  • M. Aizenman, "Rigorous Results on the Critical Behavior in Statistical Mechanics". In: Scaling and Self Similarity (Renormalization in Statistical Mechanics and Dynamics), J. Fröhlich, (ed.). Birkhäuser (Boston, 1983).
  • M. Aizenman, "Geometric Analysis of φ4 Fields and Ising Models". In: Mathematical Problems in Theoretical Physics (Proceedings, Berlin 1981), R. Schrader, (ed.). Lecture Notes in Physics, 153, Springer-Verlag, 1981.
  • M. Aizenman, "Internal Structure of Coulomb Systems in One-Dimension". In: Rigorous Atomic and Molecular Physics, NATO Advanced Study Institute Series, Series B: Physics 74, G. Velo and A. S. Wightman (eds.),
    Plenum Press, New York and London, 1981.

  • M. Aizenman, "Instability of Phase Coexistence and Translation Invariance in Two Dimensions". In: Mathematical Problems in Theoretical Physics (Proceedings, Lausanne 1979), K. Osterwalder, ed., Lecture Notes in Physics, 116, Springer-Verlag, 1980.
  • M. Aizenman, "On Extension of Flows in the Presence of Sets of Singularities". In: Mathematical Problems in Theoretical Physics (Proceedings, Rome 1977), Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 80, Springer-Verlag (1978).
  • M. Aizenman, S. Goldstein and J. L. Lebowitz, "Ergodic Properties of Infinite Systems. In: Dynamical Systems", Proceedings of the Fifth Battelle Rencontres, 1974, Lecture Notes, Springer-Verlag (1975). 

- The State of Matter. Co-edited with H. Araki, World-Scientific (Singapore, 1994).



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